Molly Clayton and her family. Molly is the Executive Director for Texas Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy.

Name: Molly Clayton

Number of years as a CEO or Executive: 6.5 years

Current Title: Executive Director, Texas Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy

Molly Clayton is responsible for advancing the mission of the Texas Campaign through leadership of strategic initiatives and efficient management of human and financial resources. Prior to…

Sample Dinner Box Ticket for a Virtual Fundraiser

I am a board member for a new nonprofit. I understand the complexities of fundraising during COVID.

There is a need for social distancing and a necessity in embracing virtual fundraisers. A successful virtual fundraiser involves technology that is simple to use for you and your participants.

I would like…

Every nonprofit professional should know the fundraising cycle to include board members. Knowing the cycle reduces resistance by helping board members move past the idea that fundraising equals asking for money.

Knowing the 5 steps of the cycle will help your organization increase its fundraising capacity and strengthen its donor…

Fundraising platforms provide nonprofits with a means to raise money online but not all are created equal. You must do your research and read the small print!

When evaluating each platform, analyze the features, fees, overall quality, online user reviews, and support services.

Below is a list of 12 free…

Sabrina Walker Hernandez

Certified Consultant, Coach, & Facilitator helping small nonprofit Staff & Board build relationships that convert into more donations.

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