A Simple and Easy Virtual Fundraising Event

Sample Dinner Box Ticket for a Virtual Fundraiser

I am a board member for a new nonprofit. I understand the complexities of fundraising during COVID.

There is a need for social distancing and a necessity in embracing virtual fundraisers. A successful virtual fundraiser involves technology that is simple to use for you and your participants.

I would like to share how we raised $5,000 in less than 30 days for our nonprofit using a restaurant partnership, Canva, and Facebook.

1. Partner with a locally owned restaurant with a strong reputation for good food and an awesome chef. You know the place where everyone wants to eat. It is the place where socialites hang and gather. If the owner and/or chef is passionate about your cause, even better. With the right food, a following, and a passion for your cause, you are set up for success!

2. Design the virtual ticket using Canva. This ticket will be the image for the Facebook event, text messages, and email marketing.

3. Prepare ad copy for board members and the restaurant to share via social media, emails, and texting.

Best Practices:

· Because many restaurants are struggling right now. Do not expect them to donate 100% of the proceeds. Part of the proceeds should be used to purchase the dinner box meal from the restaurant. Use this fact in your marketing. People will purchase a ticket that helps a restaurant and a nonprofit during this time. This will incentivize the restaurant to promote the dinner box sales as well. In addition, the restaurant can provide a bottle of wine as a upsell to the ticket. 100% of the wine sale could be designated for the restaurant.

· It is best if the restaurant provides the link for payment using their point of sales system. This centralizes all sales and makes it easy for curbside pick-up details. Once the event is over the restaurant can cut the nonprofit a check. To create a transparent process status reports should be provided to the nonprofit at regular agreed-upon intervals.

· Designate one week for curbside pick up as opposed to one day.

· Each board member should be responsible for a minimum number of sales depending upon the established fundraising goal.

· To make the largest sales mid-size and corporate businesses should be targeted. These businesses will buy dinner boxes in large quantities as a thank you to employees or clients.

· Have an alternative way for those who want to donate without purchasing a dinner box.

As a fundraising professional for over 25 years, I can attest that this was an easy event to organize. It also was easier to execute with a board that had no prior fundraising experience. In addition, there was no upfront cost for the nonprofit, we were able to reach a far wider audience, we did not need a lot of volunteer support outside of board members, and there were fewer details to stress over.

I hope this helps. Do you have any other virtual fundraising ideas we can add to this list? Let me know. Sharing is Caring.

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Certified Consultant, Coach, & Facilitator helping nonprofit & small businesses build relationships that convert into more revenue.

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Sabrina Walker Hernandez

Sabrina Walker Hernandez

Certified Consultant, Coach, & Facilitator helping nonprofit & small businesses build relationships that convert into more revenue.

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